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Rug Size Guide

Rug Size Guide



The 9x12 "rug fits impeccably into a 12x18" or larger living room or in the open-plan area. This rug should be outsized enough to hold most furniture, decorative elements, and accessories, providing the space a more cohesive feel.


The 8'x 10' rug is perfect for rooms 11'x 13'and above, or open plan living areas. In the defined living area, optimal placement leaves a 12 "-18" floor border around the rug.


The 6'x 9'rugs work best in living rooms below 11'x 13', leaving about 2 feet of floor adjacent to the rugs on both sides.


A 5'x7' rug fits under a coffee table in a small living room and in front of a fireplace where two comfortable chairs sit almost entirely on the rug.


The 3'x5' rug is an excellent accent for landing at the entrance to the living room.


Large Table (8 or more chairs)

Tables for eight or more chairs are ideal for 9'x12' rugs, providing ample space for all chairs to stand on the rug even when pushed back.

Medium table (6 chairs)

The 6-person table is perfect for 8'x10' rugs. This gives you plenty of room on all sides so you can quickly move the dining chair while staying on the rug.

Medium round table

Curved furniture offers an opportunity for round rugs to match, unite, and stand out throughout the room.

Coffee table (4 chairs)

A four-person table is ideal for 8-foot round or 8-foot square rugs. You can also float the table and chairs in the center of a standard 8'x10'or 6'x9' rug.




The 9'x12' rug works best in bedrooms with king-size beds. The carpet fits almost perfectly under bed and on the nightstand, leaving about 2 feet of soft carpet around the bed.


The 8'x 10'rug covers the nightstand and bed, with 3 feet of the rug on each side of the bed, and the 6'x 9'rug gives an 18'border on both sides.

Queen with the round

The 8-inch round rug fits snugly under the double bed, providing soft spots for landing on both sides of the bed and adding a touch of style to the bedroom.


The 6'x9'lugs fit and the two 3'x5' rugs on either side of the bed, creating a large pad area on both sides.

One double

The 8'x10', 6'x9', or 5'x7' fits attractively, leaving plenty of space around the bed. The two rugs below 3'x5'are also fully functional on both sides of the bed.

Two twins

The most fantastic option is to put a 3 "x 5" rug between the beds. A 2.5 "x7" or 2.5 "x10" runner lug that runs in the middle or side of the two single beds is best.


Large (Over 200 square feet)

Larger kitchens can probably handle 9'x 12', 8'x 10', or 6'x 9'. If you have a kitchen island, place a 5'x 7', 3'x5', or lag runner on one or both sides of the island.

Medium (100-200 square feet)

Depending on your layout, a small rug such as a 5'x7'or 3'x5', or a runner rug in front of the sink is best, and the rest of the floor can be left open.

Small (70 square feet or less)

A small kitchen can look messy quickly, and adding rugs and patterns will only add to it. Depending on your layout, select a small lug, such as 3'x5', before the sink.

Long layout (At least 10 feet long)

The long galley-style kitchen can handle sliding rugs along the sides of the kitchen sink. If the kitchen is small, place the runner in the middle of the kitchen.



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