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How does our pricing work?

We have done everything possible to cut our overhead expenses in this operation so you can enjoy the lowest prices in our site and we mean real low prices… Whoever tells you that middle men drive up prices is wrong and various other rug website say so. They all buy from middlemen. They use the middle men as a cover up. At the end of the day it is in our hands what prices we charge. At we are linient in beating everybody’s price. Just send us a link to and we will not only beat the price you found, but give you up to 20% in discounts on top of it. Just for you to be happy. It is that simple. Lets keep it authentic!!

Unbeatable Price Matching

Does price match ???

We already have unbeatable prices. To honor the code of solid customer service we will price match 110% WITH an additional 10% OFF. No questions asked! We know online shopping because we are online shoppers too.

Shipping & Return

Shipping and DELIVERY

UPS & FedEx Standard Ground Shipping within the U.S. is free. - Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska $150 flat fee. - Canada: $50 flat fee - Rest of the world: $260 flat fee


Working directly with master weavers and merchants from all over the world, We offer you an exceptional selection of genuine handmade rugs at unbeatable prices. Our mission is to integrate old fashion rug commerce with the latest techniques in on-line commerce to provide our customers with more choice and lowest prices possible. We are the leader in online rug marketplace, with operations in the United States and many other countries. Our strength is primarily drawn from our trusting relationship with the master weavers, suppliers, and our loyal clients. This will allow us to obtain our products at reduced final cost and provide our customers with quality Products and services at unbeatable prices. We are the best rug place, best source, for oriental rug dealers and designers.

Return and Refunds

30 Day FREE returns excluding shipments to Alaska & Hawaii. Refunds are processed within 5-7 business days after the package is delivered at our warehouse. You will get full refund. No restocking fee, no shipping fee. LOVE it or return it. In case we made any mistakes you will get full refund + 15% discount on your next order. No questions asked!

Site Security and Payments

What Payment Methods Are Accepted? accepts all major credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Is Buying on-line safe? What about personal data ?

We make shopping easy because we are online shoppers too. has a 100% safe and secured shopping process. We have encrypted a secure server to safeguard all of your personal credit card information. Your personal data is nobody's business. When we do online shopping we expect that our data is safe too, so we completely step into your shoes and agree with you that personal data must be kept safe and private. We take serious precaution to your and our security. Our server software is equipped with secure commerce purchases. All information transmitted is first encrypted using a 226-bit Secure Socket Layer. We as don't even see your credit card information.


Do I have an option to combine shipments if they are all going to the same address?

Usually we are unable to combine shipments of rugs. Please note that our rugs are located in different warehouses and are individually pre-packaged, insured, and ready for shipment.. It would be inconvenient and time consuming for us to package and re-package the rugs in order to combine them due to differences in size, date of purchase, and warehouse locations. However, if you purchase multiple rugs at once we will try to ship them together.

What if i need to delay my order for some reason?

Sure! Just let us know by email or call us 855 576 7705. We will put a hold on the shipment and deliver it to you whenever you like.

What are the conditions of the rugs?

What is the condition of the rugs? Generally, almost all of our rugs are in great condition. They are all new, unless otherwise is stated. Our new rugs are in excellent condition and some older pieces, for instance the antiques, may have slight repairs done but this is natural in older rugs. When the repair is major or substantial, we will disclose it in the description of the rug. The repair does not devalue the rug in any way. There are no holes, stains, or foul odors in any of our rugs. All of our rugs have been professionally cleaned. Please note however, that no handmade rug is absolutely perfect, which is contrary to machine made rugs. Some older pieces may have low pile but the wear does not depreciate the value of the rug. In fact, it might add to the charm and the value of the rug, as antique rugs often have much better value than new rugs in the same category.

Are all the rugs made perfectly symmetrical?

Are all the rugs made perfectly symmetrical? All the rugs that we offer are handmade, particularly tribal and nomad rugs which are usually hand-woven by people in the small villages and farms without any graph or pre-sketch, but only by weaver skill and imagination. So it is normal if these rugs may be found asymmetric and imperfect, which some find it very charming and unique. Most of these perfect imperfections are very small minor details. Also, weather, climate, and the effect of direct sunlight to some parts of the rug exposed alter its appearance.

I am looking for a specific rug; can you help me?

Yes, feel free to contact us, as we will surely be glad to assist you in either directing you to the right page on our website or finding a rug that will satisfy you in our huge and unique inventory. If you have seen a specific rug elsewhere, you can forward us the image so we can supply you with the same or similar rug with the size you want.

Why should I use under-padding and do you sell under-padding for rugs?

It holds the rug securely on the floor. Special thick paddings will give cushiony and plushier feel to the rug. Padding is strongly recommended for Needlepoint rugs. Upon request, we will sell under-padding for the rugs.

How do I maintain and clean the rug?

Normal care, such as vacuuming, would be sufficient to maintain the rug. However, for stain removing each rug should be treated differently for tough stains. We also recommend professional cleaning for rugs with many stains.

Does the picture actually portray the color schematics of the rug?

The color seen through your monitor is very close to the actual colors of the rug and fairly represent the actual color schematics of it. However, your monitor might be set differently, so we do our best to provide an accurate and precise picture.

How would I make sure that I am making the right decision in purchasing over the internet and how can I avoid making a mistake?

We suggest you read the description and contact us with any questions you may have. Furthermore, you have nothing to worry about as we have a satisfaction guarantee policy. Love it or Return it! 30-Day money back guarantee

I like a particular rug you have, but I only want it in a different size. What is the availability of the rugs?

You are welcome to contact us on your particular needs. We will try to accommodate you by a suggesting possible replacement.

What are the fading and variation of colors in the rug?

Fading and variations in the colors are common and mostly seen in older and tribal rugs. There are many factors that determine what shade the colors of the finished product may be, such as quality of material, washing process, and affect of sun light. Also, a tribal rug may take several months to weave and the wool used in part of the rug might be dyed months before the rest of the wool is dyed so naturally the wool might have a slight different shade of color which may cause a variation throughout the pattern.

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