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What is the condition of the rugs? Generally, almost all of our rugs are in great condition. They are all new, unless otherwise is stated. Our new rugs are in excellent condition and some older pieces, for instance the antiques, may have slight repairs done but this is natural in older rugs. When the repair is major or substantial, we will disclose it in the description of the rug. The repair does not devalue the rug in any way. There are no holes, stains, or foul odors in any of our rugs. All of our rugs have been professionally cleaned. Please note however, that no handmade rug is absolutely perfect, which is contrary to machine made rugs. Some older pieces may have low pile but the wear does not depreciate the value of the rug. In fact, it might add to the charm and the value of the rug, as antique rugs often have much better value than new rugs in the same category.If you have any questions please contact our real human customer service chat, or email us at

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